Saturday, September 14, 2013

OBX Family Vacation: Day 1, 9/14

AND we're off. Car packed, kids in, and gassed up. This is our first trip in the van and I'm truly in love with all the space was have. What's really funny about this photo is that it after I posted it on Facebook, a number of my friends commented on the number of Vera Bradley bags they saw. I publicly displayed my VB obsession... ;)

So our plan for the day was to drive down to Eastern NC to visit with Justin's grandfather, Daddy-o, his grandmother, Honey, have dinner with the boys' godfather, David and THEN finally head to Justin's mom and step-dad's to spend the night. Well, we did it all! The boys were awesome. They have always been great travelers. I know, we are super lucky. 

The boys enjoyed running around the farm at their Daddy-o's. They also loved picking grapes and eating them right off the vine. Jake, Daddy-o's dog sure was happy to have two little boys to chase too! When we got to Honey's house, she took them to the back bedroom where the got to play with toys that their Daddy and their Nina played with. They surely do not make toys like that anymore. 

We headed to Greenville to meet up with David and it was at prime dinner time. We decided to go to Buffalo Wold Wings because, 1. It's loud and the kids can just be kids, and 2. They didn't have much of a wait! Again, the boys were awesome. They are well and played their favorite games on our iPhones while the adults ate their dinners. 

At this point, they are tired, I am tired, Daddy is tired too. As we drove to Chris and Art's, everyone but Mommy fell asleep (I was driving). When we arrived, we got the boys in the house, got them changed and put them to bed without any fuss. It was awesome. 

Everyone got a great night sleep and are ready to head to the Outer Banks!

I wave the White Flag!

Okay, okay. I know it's been a LONG time since I blogged and I didn't come close to keeping up with my gratitude of the day posts. I often bite off more than I can chew. I can't help it. I come from a long line of multitasking, always involved mothers- especially my beautiful mom. 

I am still incredibly grateful for many things everyday- but I'm just not going to write about it every day.

However. as we drive down I-95 headed to North Carolina, I am inspired to blog about our family vacation. So, for the next week- you can expect some great stories, beautiful photos and the hilarity of vacationing with 2 2-yr old little boys. 

Stay tuned~