Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'd like to think of myself as someone who knits. Now, understand that since I learned to knit close to 3 years ago, I haven't even come close to finishing anything....... 

It all started when we went on vacation in the early Fall of 2010. Justin and I had just found out we were pregnant, we didn't even know if it was 1 or 2 or, gulp, 3 babies in there. We went to the Outer Banks with my dad and friends and as with any good beach vacation, I brought along some reading material. In addition to my newly purchased, "What To Expect When You're Expecting" pregnancy book, I brought along a book I had found of my mom's, "The Friday Night Knitting Club." (By the way- I had started this novel during our LAST vacation the previous year in the Outer Banks!) So, as we enjoyed our leisurely vacation, I read my books. When I finished "The Friday Night Knitting Club", I told Justin that I really wanted to learn how to knit. 

I didn't really think much more about it until Justin mentioned that he had seen a  Groupon for a knit shop in Baltimore, offering a beginners knitting class at a reduced rate. I told him that sounded like fun and was reminded that my best friend, Jenn had also mentioned that she would like to learn to knit. And with that, 2 Groupons were purchased and Jen and I were set to take the 2-hr, 2 Saturday "Learn to Knit" class in December. 

The 2nd weekend in December arrived and I was ready to knit. I had never even held knitting needles in my hands, so I was REALLY a beginner. As I waddled in (now almost 20 weeks prego with twins), I remember seeing wall to wall yarn. I loved it! I've also been a fan of fabric and craft stores. This one was just for yarn; beautiful, vibrant, luxurious yarn. We say down at the table and got our baggy that held 2 bamboo knitting needles and a ball a yarn in the color we had chosen ahead of time. (Mine was purple, for the Ravens!) As the teacher and owner of the shop showed us how to hold the needles, get ourselves started and how to do the all-important knit stitch, I was a bit overwhelmed. But, I kept up and all of a sudden, I was knitting! Unfortunately, about 30 minutes later, the teacher began talking about a purl stitch and demonstrated what that looked like and had us practice. Well, for this prego, it was a bit much and I happily went back to knitting. The 2 hours past quickly and it was time to pack up and head home. The teacher encouraged us to practice each day until our next class. 

When I got home, I was so excited that I was being crafty and went to demonstrate to Justin what I had learned at knitting class. Well, between the knitting, the purling, and the hormones, I couldn't complete one damn stitch. I was hysterical. Ranting and raving about becoming a mother and not being able to knit and that knitting was supposed to be relaxing and I sure as hell wasn't relaxed! Poor Jus... He took to the phone and started texting and emailing some of the women in his office who he knew were knitters and sent out a SOS. I didn't read any of these messages, but I'm sure they read something like this, "HELP! My pregnant wife has lost her mind and she's hysterical because she can't knit!" While Justin went reaching out for help, I turned to YouTube. I found many videos that demonstrated the very basics of knitting. After many views of one particular video and a couple dropped stitches, I GOT IT! I was so proud and went on the knit more for the rest of the evening. That was the only practice I did before our next class. 

When Saturday rolled around, it was time to head to Baltimore for our 2nd class. I had planned to tell the teacher that while I appreciates learning other stitches, this girl was sticking with the knit stitch, nothing more, nothing less. The 2nd class was far more successful than the 1st. I even learned how to cast on. I left the class feeling accomplished and prepared to continue on my merry knitting way. 

In the next months and 2+ years, I continued to knit on my 2 little samples from that class. It wasn't until this past Spring when I had to pleasure of attending a ladies knitting weekend that I started a real project. During retreat at a truly spectacular home in Northern VA, I decided that I was indeed going to be a knitter. And if I was going to be a knitter, I needed a project, so I started to work on an infinity scarf. I love scarves! (As many of you know, I have a self-professed scarf problem...) I also knew that it would take me some time to really get this done with my overly business life, that a nice infinity scarf would be fabulous to have in the Fall and Winter months; at this rate, I could totally have it done by then. 

Here's where I am now with my scarf. 

I have a ways to go, but I LOVE it. It's going to be amazing!

Knitting really is what I wanted it to be; fun, relaxing, creative and just for me. I needed something in my life that was just for me. I must say, I think Justin gets a little excited when he sees me pick up my knitting bag, mostly because he knows I'm going to be quiet for about an hour, but also because he knows it brings me joy. 

What do you do just for you???

Friday, June 28, 2013

Well, a lot had changed in my life since May 2010 when I started this blog...

As I sit and write this, my twin 2 year old boys are sweetly sleeping upstairs. I can very proudly wear that "mother" hat now. :)

Here I am again wanted to write about my life, my experiences and my thoughts... in my spare time. HA!

Something that I wish to focus on at this time in my life is gratitude. Yesterday, one of my awesome co-workers at The Living Legacy Foundation, presented an in-service on Mindfulness-- really being present in your life, work, etc. She talked about recognizing things you are grateful for and how naming these things can help you to be present. Each day, I can likely rattle off 20 things that I am grateful for-- my faith, my husband, my boys, my dad, my family, my job, my friends, and the list goes on... But, I want to address the less than expected things/events I'm grateful for.

So, beginning on July 1st, I'm going to post each day and share what I'm grateful for on that day. I'm calling it "6 Months of Gratitude". I know every day that I wake up and take a deep breath that I have been blessed. I want to put this in print and see just where it goes. Enjoy ya'll.