Friday, June 28, 2013

Well, a lot had changed in my life since May 2010 when I started this blog...

As I sit and write this, my twin 2 year old boys are sweetly sleeping upstairs. I can very proudly wear that "mother" hat now. :)

Here I am again wanted to write about my life, my experiences and my thoughts... in my spare time. HA!

Something that I wish to focus on at this time in my life is gratitude. Yesterday, one of my awesome co-workers at The Living Legacy Foundation, presented an in-service on Mindfulness-- really being present in your life, work, etc. She talked about recognizing things you are grateful for and how naming these things can help you to be present. Each day, I can likely rattle off 20 things that I am grateful for-- my faith, my husband, my boys, my dad, my family, my job, my friends, and the list goes on... But, I want to address the less than expected things/events I'm grateful for.

So, beginning on July 1st, I'm going to post each day and share what I'm grateful for on that day. I'm calling it "6 Months of Gratitude". I know every day that I wake up and take a deep breath that I have been blessed. I want to put this in print and see just where it goes. Enjoy ya'll.

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