Monday, July 1, 2013

6 months of Gratitude: Day 1, 7/1/13 "Exercise"

This morning around 7am, I received a text message from my co-worker, Erin that simply said, "9:00 elliptical?" You see, my company is so awesome that we have a small gym complete with shower facilities so I'm able to work out whenever I can spare the 30+ minutes to do so. That's awesome, right?!? 

About 2 months ago, I decided it was really time to get serious about making healthier choices and getting active. I made this known to all my co-workers who would listen. The way I see it, the more people who are aware of my goal, the more I must stick with it. A few even choose to jump on this bandwagon with me. Erin was one of them. 

Each week, we make a work-out plan for the coming week; taking in to account our on-call schedule, my childcare schedule and other various barriers to our workouts. I don't know about you, but I am more faithful about exercising when I have a buddy; someone to talk to, bitch to and even count done how many minutes, even seconds left in the work-out. 

Today, after I sprinted the last 5 minutes on the elliptical, I felt great. I took a huge sigh of relief that my work-out for the day was done and then I noticed a big smile on my face. Even dripping with sweat in the very hot and humid gym- I was happy. 

Today, I'm grateful for exercise- what it does for my body, mind and spirit. 

What are you grateful for today?

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