Tuesday, July 9, 2013

6 months of Gratitude: Day 9, 7/9/13 "Pitch Perfect"

I am in love with this movie! I have a new found obsession with it. The music is really good and the comedy is great!

My cousin, Catherine and I watched it today and while we were watching, I texted a few of the one-liners to my friend, Gina (who is equally obsessed). Of course, she texted back. 

It's movies like this and shows I like that allow me to sit and park my brain. Between my kids, husband, jobs (yes, plural) and just life, my wheels are turning constantly. Sitting down and watching a funny movie or ridiculous realty show gives me a chance to turn off the motor and get a little lost. I think it's almost a defense mechanism. At my "full-time" job, I am dealing with very intense, emotional stuff. I need that down time. 

Pitch Perfect does that for me. :-)

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