Tuesday, July 2, 2013

6 months of Gratitude: Day 2, 7/2/13 "Forgiveness"

While taking a walk on the treadmill today with my good friend, Gina, she was being very hard on herself. In the past year, she has been diagnosed with, treated and survived breast cancer. During that time, she also continued to work full-time and start new cupcake business. I happen to think she's an incredibly strong and determined woman.

While we were walking, she was talking about the number of steps she had already taken (as tracked by her fitbit) and how much more she needed to meet her goal of 10,000 per day. Like I said, she's determined. For the last several days, she has reached her goal and she told me that she couldn't believe she haven't been moving like this always. She was really being hard on herself as to why she hasn't adopted this habit earlier in life. I kindly smiled and congratulated her for reaching her goal. I told her not to be hard on herself and not to look back, but to look forward and keep it up! Forgiveness. 

Listen, I am the queen of beating myself up; constantly questioning decisions and choices I make. Also like Gina, I was disappointed in myself for not adopting a healthier way of living before now, but I have forgiven myself and am looking forward. 

Today I'm grateful for forgiveness. Did you forgive yourself today?

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