Friday, July 5, 2013

6 months of Gratitude: Day 5, 7/5/13 "Old McDonald"

Late this afternoon, we packed up the boys (and half of our belongings, it seems) and headed to VA to spend the weekend in the "country" at my Uncle Dave and Aunt CJ's house. They have a beautiful home that sits back from the gravel road, in a wooded area. We love coming to visit. It's like a going to a fabulous B&B, but the price is right and the company is far superior. We spend usually spend the weekend eating fantastic food, drinking wine and enjoying each other's company. (BTW, tonight for dinner it was Cornish Game Hen, Grilled Sweet Potato, and Fresh Mixed Green Salad straight from the garden... DELISH!)

When we left the house this afternoon, I actually had to wake Parker up from his nap because he played and chatted to himself for a good hour-plus after we put them down for their naps. I was for certain that Parker would have gone back to sleep at some point during our almost 2-hour drive, but he didn't. He  talked  the  entire  way!!

We just before we turned into town, Parker sounded like he was singing. When I asked him what he was singing, he just giggled and kept going. It took me a minute to realize that he was singing "Old McDonald". I started to sing along with him and he grinned from ear to ear. It was the best feeling! And not to mention, so damn cute. The e-i-e-i-o part comes out more like, "eww-ee-eww-ee-o". Too much for this mama's heart to handle. 

I just might have a little musician on my hands. 

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